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Los Angeles-based painter Nathan Smith was first drawn to the arts through the calligraphy and cryptic letterforms of the city’s vibrant graffiti culture.  As his creative expression evolved to incorporate more traditional mediums, techniques, and platforms, his initial inspiration still lies at the base of his practice.  Smith’s current works are self-portraits that focus on anonymity, and the truth that can be expressed through the loss of physical identity. Anonymity plays a crucial role in the successful career of an illegal graffiti artist. Smith uses shapes and textures as a binary code creating clouds of hieroglyphic texts that float through his pieces. The masked figures and aggressive strokes in the backgrounds of his portraits further capture the aggressiveness of the graffiti subculture that he has been submerged in for the past 15 years. Utilizing and adapting different mediums and applications has become central to his recent work, demonstrating the fluidity with which this artist can move between the street and the studio.