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Inspirited:Coda curated by Taylor Aldridge

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*Please note that exact opening and closing dates are not final. Updates will be communicated early next year.*

Inspirited: Coda is an exhibition curated by Red Bull Arts Detroit curatorial fellow Taylor Aldridge. Opening in Spring 2021, this exhibition serves as an epilogue to Aldridge’s exhibition Enunciated Life, which will open this Fall at the California African American Museum in Los Angeles.

Enunciated Life contends with this conflation of the exorbitant and the brutal within Black life and spirituality by examining the seen and unseen methods of surrender that enable an enunciated life, and the embodied forces that are produced as a result of that enunciation. The contemporary artists in this show draw on the performativities of possession found in Black Pentecostalism and elsewhere in Black spiritual expression, the discernible gestures of spiritual surrender such as sweating, whooping, shouting, back-bending, and chest-opening. As the artists help us explore the various somatics and emotional registers that transpire through spiritual movements they also make clear the (sometimes incoherent) elements that surround the event of incarnation, such as desire, longing, faith, and vulnerability.

Inspirited: Coda Artists: Allie McGhee, Steffani Jemison, Shikeith, Billy Mark, Tiona Nekkia McClodden, Adama Delphine, Jenn Nkiru

Highlighting the unseen work behind curatorial practices, Aldridge created a website that showcases the research, influences, and artists integral in this project from conception to fruition. She states, “This online offering serves as a prelude to both iterations, reflecting my time in what Jack Whitten and John Coltrane have referred to as the woodshed: the invisibilized work that takes before the public presentation. Here is a brief glimpse into the woodshed of Enunciated Life and Inspirited: Coda.”  Throughout the  duration of both exhibitions, the site will also share archive  artists’ talks, curator tours, and other programs that will take place around the shows.

We encourage you to visit Aldridge’s site in advance of their 2021 exhibition in Detroit.

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