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Red Bull Arts Book Share

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Join us in supporting a few of the organizations that are doing frontline work towards making equitable change through the Red Bull Arts Book Share, a donation drive in which anyone who donates to participating organizations will be sent a foundational anti-racist or poc-authored book, purchased by us from local Black-owned bookstores.

We’re kicking things off in our home cities of New York and Detroit by encouraging donations to four organizations we’ve contributed to: Detroit Justice Center, We The People Detroit, Bard Prison Initiative, and Princess Janae Place. These groups collectively work to secure basic human rights for those most vulnerable in their cities through transforming the justice system, securing economic equity, addressing environmental justice and water access, providing safe and transformative communities, and serving the incarcerated. Participate Today?

This rolling initiative will evolve to incorporate an expansive list of partner cities, organizations, and book stores.

Learn how to donate and how to receive your book here!


The Red Bull Arts Book Share sends a foundational anti-racist or black-authored book to individuals in our community who donate to select organizations. This donation drive aims to get necessary resources directly into the hands of the organizations doing frontline work on racial equity and justice, to stimulate black owned businesses in our communities, and to facilitate the ongoing education around race which many people are beginning or deepening.